Right Now

I have a twitch in my eyebrow that is starting to threaten my sanity as I write this. Gah.

The opening last weekend was great and I can’t thank everyone enough for coming. I had a blast…

My daughter realizing that she may have had one cupcake too many….

If you still haven’t been able to make it, it will be up for a little over a week more… (at Gallery Espresso, 234 Bull Street, Savannah: hours M-F 7:30am-10pm, Sat/Sun 8am-10pm) and if you have any questions about any particular pieces, please feel free to email me at KelleyHagemes@gmail.com, or ask one of the lovely ladies in charge over there…

in other news…

Im back in metal smithing class… which I am very fond of…

I’ve also been making more wire-wrappy, hand-stampy, tooth and bone kinda jewelry which should be up in my Etsy very soon…

I will also have a painting in Black Orchids halloween show next month which I’m working on now …

Halloween is my favorite…. well thats all for now….

oh wait…

For those of you that are giddy over your iphone 5 purchases today, you can now get iphone cases with a couple of my paintings on them… now on my society 6 page….


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