This weekend

Tonight a couple of prints of mine will be included in Le Snoots “Three Little Prints” show (6 East State Street, Savannah) …

a preview…


Also, I had intended on bringing new necklaces over to Recreate last weekend, and in my massive hurry and worrying about my car that I left in the alley, I managed to tangle them SO bad that I actually had to just bring them back home.

In the end I had to cut them apart and piece them back together. But the good news is I brought them back over to recreate without destroying them. Along with a new one…



and tomorrow Ill be bringing by some of those prints from last post and some postcards..

So If you’re are in the Downtown Savannah Area this weekend looking for early Christmas gifts or having a “treat yo self” day swing by (ReCreate: 10 W. Liberty Street, Savannah, GA 31401)….



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