coming sooner than I can handle

In less than three weeks we’ll be leaving the good ole south and heading to Philadelphia so I can begin grad school at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts. Actually in exactly twenty days… In that time my daughter will be graduating kindergarten and breaking my heart all over the place as she participates in a “moving up” ceremony to become a first grader. FIRST GRADER. How did that happen? With all the anxiety, changes and moves to new places and grades I’m quite certain that this is most definitely my spirit animal. No more feelings please.

Every. Day.

Every. Day.

So while Im trying to keep my composure and pack this circus up to hit the road, Im also finishing up three lil painting for this years Tiny Trifecta at the Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY. There will be such an overwhelming amount of amazing artists with affordable work on the wall that you’d be crazy to miss it if you’re in the area…

Here is a couple peeks at what I’m working on for it…

IMG_0075 IMG_9681 copy

Ive also added work and home specific boards on Pinterest and am working on trying to figure out what became of my flickr page so I can post some of my random photos and reference shots that were too fun to do, so check those out if you are in an internet hole (well not the flickr yet as I can find it for whatever reason, but that will be up soon!)

Here’s a few other things I’ve finished up recently…

A druzy and moonstone commission pendant out of sterling silver...

A druzy and moonstone commission pendant out of sterling silver…

"Through all the windows I see only infinity"  work on paper

“Through all the windows I see only infinity” work on paper

Now its time to get through these next couple weeks and pack up these munchkins for the next adventure

IMG_9650 both

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