I obviously failed miserably at keeping my New Years resolution to post more on my blog… Ive also only been to the gym once this year and that took a lot of peer pressure. Ive been absorbed with applying to Grad School, projects for my children’s school and an attempt at learning how to relax and taking some mental health days (that last one is slow going).

The good news is that Ive been accepted to the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) to obtain my Masters degree! Woo! Starting this summer I will be going back and forth between Savannah and Philly doing grad work, which I am thoroughly pumped about.

Ive also been invited to participate in this years “Tiny Trifecta” at the Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn opening June 6…. I will be there toting children and all so I hope to see some old buddies that weekend.

Some things Ive done (or am doing) lately:

I made this psychotic hat for one of my children, as they need a hat with one hundred things on it for their 100th day of school.

I made this psychotic hat for one of my children, as they need a hat with one hundred things on it for their 100th day of school.

experimenting with paper and babies

experimenting with paper and babies

I made this custom necklace for the Saint Andrews annual action and gala....

A custom necklace made for the Saint Andrews annual action and gala….

somewhat crappy finished picture

somewhat crappy finished picture

rooster in progress

rooster in progress

a new portrait series Im beginning...

a new portrait series Im beginning…

I also have put a few new jewelry pieces up in my etsy shop ….


IMG_6661 (or click the link above) (or click the link above)

and this work on paper just came down from a show and is still available for purchase… if you are interested or would like more info please email…

"We are Dust and Shadow" graphite on paper, 8 x 10" 2015

“We are Dust and Shadow” graphite on paper, 8 x 10″ 2015

To see more works in progress, and whatever random things I find the need to be put on the internet, follow me in Instagram (@clawandboneart)…

I was tied up for a moment there.

My New Years Resolution will be to update this more often. Although maybe it shouldn’t be, because that pretty much guarantees I won’t do it. Theres been a lot of good and a lot of bad. Ill catch up by … Continue reading

Summer so Far

Phew. Its been a crazy summer thus far. I’ve been summering the hell out of it. However when I got back into town from our mega trip, I discovered that not only did my one and only external drive bite the dust while we were traveling but my computer had some sort of stroke in my absence. I was not happy for a moment there. During the process of getting everything recovered and working again, I probably would have flipped my desk on more than one occasion had it not been for the fact that it weighs a ton. BUT, after many trips to consult the “geek squad” and thousands of hours reading forums on various ways to fix the endless stream of problems I was having, I think I have everything back on track (knock on wood).  Ive also learned from all the eye rolls I encountered when I said I only had one back up drive that apparently I should have many…  and backups for those. Apparently they think I have a money tree as well.

Thats why its been awhile since I’ve updated…

aaaaanyway, This is what Ive been up to:

I packed up my four and five year old and left town for a few weeks for a marathon trip involving stops in Connecticut, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and South Carolina. That last one was unplanned (its a long story involving my intense fear of flying, I won’t bore you with it, that is if I haven’t bored you already). It was amazing to see so many old friends and hit up as many museums and eat as much food as humanly possible. One if the highlight was being to attend the Tiny Trifecta at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn. They invited me to participate this year and I was more than excited to.

The kids are pumped. Madilynn with her best bud Izzy

The kids are pumped. Madilynn with her best bud Izzy

photo 2

my pieces hung among some stellar artists...

my pieces hung among some stellar artists…

Thank you so much to those who bought my work, it felt great to sell out that night! The pieces from the show…

photo 2 copy

photo 1-3


I had a wonderful time in Brooklyn and saw so many old friends it made my heart swell. Teaching my kids to navigate the subway was interesting and full of horrifying moments of my youngest putting her face/mouth/ hands all over everything. It was like emersion therapy for me and my feeling about germs. We even made it over to Bushwick to eat at my friends new restaurant Montana’s Trail House (you must go) and spotted this beautiful Mural by Beau Stanton across the street…


sometimes I miss New York.

The rest of the trip involved the American Museum of Natural History, walks in Central Park, a slightly horrifying trip to Times Square because the kids HAD to go to the big Toys r Us, racing down to philly and visiting dear friends and getting to see the Barnes Museum for the first time which was very special and inspiring, The Franklin Insitute, Philadelphia Zoo, the South Carolina Aquarium… We wanted to squeeze every last drop of fun out of this trip, but I won’t blather on any more and I promise I won’t fill the rest of this post with vacation kid pictures…

I was also involved, When I got back to savannah, the Artists & Artisans Tour of homes sponsored by the Downtown Neighborhood Association, My work was displayed in a beautiful home on Gaston Street along with many other local Artists…

photo copy


Now things are normalizing and Im back in my hidey hole working on some new things…



the mess

the mess



oh and STICKERS!

Photo copy 2

Soon there will be t-shirts which I am quite excited about and I am beginning to work on a new poster that will hopefully be available in the fall…

Also If you follow me on Instagram (@clawandboneart) you have probably heard me mention this but I am cleaning out some prints and things on my etsy shop and will be switching primarily to my big cartel shop. Right now you can get everything in my shop for 30% off with the code CLEANUP at checkout (including baroness posters!)… I will be keeping it up for another week or so AND you’ll find some stickers in with your order…IMG_0410


Follow this link to get to my Etsy Shop

I also will be putting some of the newer originals up on my Big Cartel shop this week like this one2of3_Hagemes_Kelley_Passage

AND there is also a brand new print up for sale as well…


an edition of only 25 of my original painting “shadow self” for only 20 bucks…

Okay I think thats enough for now. Im pretty wordy today so I appreciate it if you actually made it all the way through this post…

I hope everyone is have an amazing summer ❤


Party On...

Party On…




Getting on an airplane after not leaving my house for close to three weeks and having little to no interaction with people over the age of five is probably a terrible idea. Especially since flying in a plane is my LEAST favorite thing ever (over dental surgery, cleaning up an exploded diaper, sand gnats…. I could go on, I really hate flying)


Im going up north! The best part is Im taking part in the Cotton Candy Machine’s fourth annual Tiny Trifecta and will actually be able to attend… if you are in Brooklyn you shouldn’t miss this amazing show, and say hi if you happen to be there. Im over the moon over the line up of artists that will have work there…



My three contributions…




I also finished another record cover for the Asheville based band Bask… If you’re in Savannah this weekend They’re playing with Black Tusk this Saturday the 7th at the Jinx. You should most definitely check out the show! Im missing out because of the whole flying in a tin can of death up north thing…




bask cover

Thats all for now… Next up is a record cover for Tonto I should have finished WEEKS ago (Im sorry dudes) … Ill leave with an in progress shot of that one… happy thoughts keep planes in the air… help me out guys…


New Work & Spring Cleaning

A new painting (and a couple older ones) in a show coming up this thursday at Dick Blick Savannah (318 East Broughton Street) with some awesome artists…

opening from 6-8!


I finally finished this painting this past week, come by and see it in person at the opening!

"Passage" oil and graphite on wood panel,  16x 20" 2014

oil, graphite and gold leaf on wood panel, 16x 20″ 2014


ALSO Im over the moon excited to be invited to be a part of the “Tiny Trifecta” at the Cotton Candy Machine this year ! The line up of artists is incredible as always and Im thrilled to be a part of it! Stay tuned for peaks at what Im working on for it…

Click Here to check it out…



Also in light of Spring Cleaning… which is turning into “Spring Moving” in our house Im having a big sale in my Etsy Shop… 20%  off everything in the shop when you enter SPRINGSALE at checkout!  That includes prints, posters and jewelry…

Click HERE to go to the shop ❤

and this.

I really loved this tree.

I really loved this tree.

Creature Comforts

New Painting! Things been going slow lately because a recent bout of strep throat (for the billionth time) and our dog is apparently epileptic (he explained this to us in a very scary display at one in the morning, and confirmed it after many blood tests the next morning) so its been a fun couple weeks.

Speaking of dogs and the joys of taking care of them, this painting is going to be up at The Butcher Gallery as part of their “Creature Comforts” show. This show is to benefit the Humane Society of Greater Savannah and features artwork in various media from artists all over Savannah. Soooo if you like art and want to see this one in person, like animals, and like complimentary refreshments then this show is a triple threat for you. The opening is this Friday, February 21st from 7- 10 at The Butcher Gallery (19 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401) a link the the Facebook event page here

*side note: the entire time I’ve been trying to get this information out, my three year old daughter has been in the doorway mooning me, while my four year has been yelling “you’re stinky” over and over. I should probably be worried at this behavior, but I’m just so tired.

"Shadow Self"  oil and graphite on 10x10" wood panel 2014

“Shadow Self”
oil and graphite on 10×10″ wood panel 2014


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Valentines Day Art Market… I appreciate it much!

the booth

the booth

I also still have some Valentines prints left on my Etsy Page… and I will be added some jewelry in the next day or two as well!

zee print

zee print

new things

new things

I hope to see y’all at the opening on Friday!

End of the Year Wrap up

I think the craziness of the last month of the year was appropriate for 2013. It will be forever remembered in my mind as the “year of extremes”… the best worst year ever.  December was terrific however, and Im glad to end it on a high note…

Big crafty was great! Thank you so much to everyone that come by my booth… I gotta say I love Asheville…

pinknecklace wolftoothnecklace2 wolftoothnecklace1 jewelryweb16

photo 1

me n my booth

me n my booth

I also may or may not have gone completely overboard when my husband and I took the kids “Gem Mining” when we got into town….

more jewelry to come in 2014…

more jewelry to come in 2014…

I also still have a things left in my online shops jewelry wise…

cresentnecklace trainglenecklace

and I also released a few new prints this past month…

photo photo copy

Also available in my shops…. AND if you order any print or poster by the end of the year you can get 20% off in my big cartel shop! Just use promo code NEWYEAR by midnight December 31st….

Upcoming in January there will be an Encore hanging of Juliana Peloso and I’s show “Here Begin the Terrors, Here Begin the Miracles” for anyone who didn’t get to see it the first time, or anyone who wants to see it again at Gallery Espresso in Savannah GA starting the 6th…

Also look out for t-shirts coming soon!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a happy New Year….

Kids first trip to NYC over the holidays with my main lady Amanda and her daughter Izzy

Kids first trip to NYC over the holidays with my main lady Amanda and her daughter Izzy

PS…  Claw and Bone has a new website! Check it out at

Feature on You’re Welcome Savannah!

A photo essay and interview giving you a peak into my work space is on on You’re Welcome Savannah… Cedric Smith took some great photos! Click HERE  to check it out!


One month from Today

Ive been bad at updating this Because Ive been racing to get everything done for my two woman show with Juliana Peloso at the Butcher Gallery ….


I couldn’t be more excited… AND that very same night the Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Review is performing right around the corner at the Jinx after the opening, Its an entire night of party time….

Here is a few peaks into some in-progress work for the show …

MIracle: One

MIracle: One

Miracle: Two

Miracle: Two


disaster area

disaster area


Keep an eye out in the next few weeks, I will be releasing a limited amount of four color, 18 x 24″ screen prints of my contribution to the Baroness Tour Poster Series. Printed by Burlesque North America….  More info coming soon!