Getting on an airplane after not leaving my house for close to three weeks and having little to no interaction with people over the age of five is probably a terrible idea. Especially since flying in a plane is my LEAST favorite thing ever (over dental surgery, cleaning up an exploded diaper, sand gnats…. I could go on, I really hate flying)


Im going up north! The best part is Im taking part in the Cotton Candy Machine’s fourth annual Tiny Trifecta and will actually be able to attend… if you are in Brooklyn you shouldn’t miss this amazing show, and say hi if you happen to be there. Im over the moon over the line up of artists that will have work there…



My three contributions…




I also finished another record cover for the Asheville based band Bask… If you’re in Savannah this weekend They’re playing with Black Tusk this Saturday the 7th at the Jinx. You should most definitely check out the show! Im missing out because of the whole flying in a tin can of death up north thing…




bask cover

Thats all for now… Next up is a record cover for Tonto I should have finished WEEKS ago (Im sorry dudes) … Ill leave with an in progress shot of that one… happy thoughts keep planes in the air… help me out guys…


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